Education of Career Counsellors around Europe (ECCE)

The project focuses on up to date topic of career counselling. It follows the project “Current European Career Counselling” where most of the partners of ECCE project cooperated on the topic of their long-time interest. Partners are from CZ (Aspekt, coordinator), NO (the country from which is the product transferred), AT, ES and PL. The project runs from 1.10.2011 till 30.9.2013 within the Leonardo da Vinci programme, Transfer of Innovation.

The specific aims are: to complete missing quality vocational training for counsellors in CZ, DE, PL and ES, to adapt a tried and tested training programme for counsellors according to the needs of participating countries and regarding the expert experience of the partners, e. g. gender point of view, to prepare such trainers for this new adapted programme who will be able implement the adapted training modules in their countries and thus support increase of the number of qualified counsellors, to test the programme, to prepare the final version of the training programme and the connected materials, to inform professionals about this new training.

The outcomes will be: a high-quality comprehensive training course for career counsellors in CZ, DE, ES and PL with study materials.

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